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What are the advantages of waterbeds?
Are there different types of mattresses?
Waterbed Mattress FAQ.
Can waterbeds leak?
How can I repair a puncture?
How long do waterbeds last?
Do you have to change the water?
What is conditioner?
How much does a waterbed weigh?
Reasons to Buy a Waterbed.
Waterbed Sheets vs. Regular Sheets.
Waterbed Heaters - Temperature Control System.
The history of the waterbed.
What is the difference between a hardside and softside waterbed?
From Mom and Pop Retailer to Mom and Pop Etailer.

What are the advantages of waterbeds?

Waterbeds offer several benefits - total body support, minimal surface pressure for greater comfort, a genuinely hygienic surface ( dust mites cant thrive), a controllable sleeping temperature, and remarkable durability. These qualities are essential for a superior sleeping environment.

Are there different types of mattresses?

Yes. They can have different depths and variable degrees of stability. There are several types of stability - from free flow, with lots of movement, through to fully stabilized with very little motion.

Waterbed Mattress FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the waterbed mattress, including repairing a waterbed mattress, what type of mattress to purchase, how to clean them, and other related questions.

Can waterbeds leak?

The chances are remote. The technology producing today's waterbeds is sophisticated. The seams are very strong. All mattresses are surrounded by a safety liner so that any leak would be captured by the liner and not leak on the floor.

How can I repair a puncture?

A simple vinyl repair kit does the job. Just apply the patch to the offending area and allow to dry. Most times, the bed does not even need to be drained.

How long do waterbeds last?

Unlike a traditional mattress, a waterbed does not have springs that can break down. The average life span of a waterbed mattress is 12- 15 years, but we have seen them last longer than 20 years.

Do you have to change the water?

Only when you need to move the bed. A water conditioner is added periodically to prevent the growth of algae or bacteria. With regular care the same mattress of water will go on supporting you for years.

What is conditioner?

Conditioner is an algaecide. The conditioner stabilizes the quality of the water so there is no risk of algae growth inside the mattress. We recommend you add a 4 oz bottle of conditioner every six months.

How much does a waterbed weigh?

A waterbed can weigh up to 1500lbs, but because the weight is distributed over a large area, weight is not a concern. A waterbed weighs less per square foot than a refrigerator. Any house built to modern building codes can handle the weight of a waterbed without a problem.

The history of the waterbed.

For over 3,000 years the waterbed has been around in one form or the other.
The first modern waterbed was introduced in 1968 by Charles Prior Hall and his fellow students at San Francisco State University.

Reasons to buy a waterbed

Are you thinking of buying a waterbed? This article will give you some positive reasons to purchase one including the difference between traditional beds and waterbeds, therapeutic considerations, and the types of waterbeds available.

Waterbed Sheets vs. Regular Sheets

What’s the difference between waterbed sheets and regular sheets? What you should know including sizes, styles, colors, patterns, fabrics and more.

Waterbed Heaters - Temperature Control System

Information about waterbed heaters and temperature control systems. How they work, where to place them, and how long it takes to heat a waterbed.

The difference of softside and hardside waterbeds.

Are you a first time waterbed shopper, and don't know the difference between a hardside and a softside waterbed? This article will help you to understand the similarities and the differences of the two types.

Mom and Pop Retailer to a Mom and Pop Etailer

Read about the history of My Waterbed Shop, from a small mom and pop brick-and-mortar retailer to a mom and pop etailer, with 35 years in the business.


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